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Sale / Discount - Caden Quick Strap

This new Caden Neoprene Quick Strap takes the weight of your heavy DSLR camera body and lens off your neck. No more neck pain lugging around heavy gears. By carrying your camera across your shoulder, it's not only feel lighter, but it also enables you to retrieve your gear faster just in time before the precious shot.

Designed with gap in the middle of the strap for better aeration to prevent excessive sweating while using this strap.

Note: Karena banyak permintaan, maka di versi baru tidak ada tulisan "CADEN" di strap ini.
Caden Quick StrapDetail Produk
* Made of neoprene (diving suit fabric) for ultra comfort.
* Extra large padding strap with center gap to evenly distribute weight to minimize stress on your shoulder. Center gap is for better aeration to prevent excessive sweating.
* Light weight design. The strap will not add extra weight to your gears while lugging around.
* Length is adjustable to suit all users.
* Extra heavy duty hook and mounting plate to load today's heavy DSLR camera body and lens. Hook comes with security lock for safety.
* The strap fabric is designed for smooth gliding mechanism to aide user in quick retrieval of camera.

New design with extra large padding with center gap to even distribute weight to minimize stress on your shoulder.
Berat : 0.4 kg

Harga: Rp.235.000
Harga: Rp.150.000
Hemat: Rp.85.000

Fasten for Quick Strap

Fasten for Quick Strap adalah adapter yang menghubungkan buckle dari quick strap ke lubang tripod kamera.
Fasten for Quick Strap berukuran kecil, hingga lebih ringkas dan cocok buat di pasang di tripod collar pada lensa Tele yang di lengkapi tripod collar tsb.
Berat : 0.1 kg

Harga: Rp.50.000

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