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Sale / Discount - Capa Ergo Quick Strap S1

The CAPA Ergo Quick strap S1 takes the weight of heavy DSLR off your neck. This cross-body or sling type strap which simply screws onto your Camera's tripod mount and fits comfortably across your shoulder and torso, positioning your camera on your side. In one swift motion, you can quickly raise your camera into shooting position. Q-Strap takes away the pain and returns the pleasure of shooting. This is the latest Ergo version of the Quick strap which has been designed for the human body with exceptional comfort and usability in mind.. It is lightweight and has comfortable neoprene padding, with the length adjustment located in the front for quick access.

How it works when taking a shot? As you drawing the DSLR up to eye level when you’re ready to shoot, the metal clip effortlessly slides along the Q-Strap up to where you’re pulling it. In that way, you can shoot in a pinch, just in one swift motion from rest to shooting. And it is also easy to set your DSLR down to resting position in between shots.

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Features as follows:

Lightweight Ergonomic design allows you to raise and lower your DSLR quickly
Soft and comfortable padding providing the ultimate comfort
Easy Access Adjustable Strap
4Your camera will sit comfortably at the side of your waist by your hands when not in use
Durable metal hook and high quality threaded mounting plate with 1/4" screw for attaching to any DSLR camera
Meticulously woven strap to allow the DSLR to raise and lower with ease and with minimal friction
Designed to be worn for long periods of time and to give a professional look

Package Includes:
1. Capa Ergo Quick Strap
2. Tripod Connection Plate

Harga: Rp.250.000
Harga: Rp.235.000
Hemat: Rp.15.000

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